Photo by Purple Turtle Photo. Novas huddle up with coaching after a win.
Madi Masochist and Low Down Derby Shame drive a Windy jammer out of bounds on the apex. Photo by Bob White.
Z machine defends the wall. Photo by Bob White.
Hannah Morley jumps around a No Coast blocker. Photo by Al Green Jr.

Photography courtesy Purple Turtle Photography, Bob White, and Al Green Jr.

California Derby Galaxy is proud to offer a championship-level WFTDA training program to support high-level development and play for CDG athletes across the greater Bay Area. The 2023-2024 Supernovas program is made up of two teams and a practice squad, and includes 40+ CDG athletes from every coalition league. The Supernovas A team is currently ranked in the top ten of the North American West region.

The program was founded in 2021 and builds on CDG’s larger mission of providing opportunities for roller derby athletes and officials in the greater Bay Area. We focus specifically on training athletes at the highest levels of competitive game play with a long-term goal of qualifying for WFTDA global championships in 2026 — and creating a program pipeline to maintain this level of play well into the future.

We also strongly believe that to build a successful championship-level program, we need to support local leagues wherever possible in their own growth and development. Program athletes are expected to assist their local training programs where it’s appropriate by sharing the skills and strategies they learn. The Supernovas leadership team additionally provides a regularly-updated book of core skill curriculum to all CDG leagues along with training resources like video, access to program coaches and other guest trainers, and footage reviews.

Tryouts for the 2023-2024 WFTDA program are complete. The next opportunity to try out for the Supernovas will be in late Summer 2024 for the 2024-2026 program — check back for more information here or on Instagram!

2023-2024 Supernovas Leadership Team: Artoo, Deadeye Knight, Detroit Demon, Hittsburgh, Oxytoxin, Sheracuda, Sin Diesel, Slamwise Gamgee, Tifa Knoxhard, Wrecks